Taking cinema to Malawi

In Malawi, where only one third of the land is suitable for cultivation, the rest comprising forests, mountains and rough pastures, 84% of the population live in rural areas where 11 million people are engaged in small holder subsistence farming. Despite this, agriculture accounts for more than one third of the country’s GDP and 90% […]

Bringing power to Nicaragua’s remote households

Imagine the sun setting and plunging your house into darkness. You need light, but you can’t just flick a switch. Instead, you light a wick sitting in a dish of kerosene. As it burns you settle down with your children, you try to teach them to read. Huddled round the candle’s meagre light, you begin […]

Edith Ellis supports Village Aid project in Cameroon

Village Aid reducing conflict between crop farmers and cattle herders competing over access to vital natural resources in North West Cameroon. With support from the Edith M Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust, Village Aid have built water catchment protection areas in the communities of Ashong, Mbacam, Bainjong and Bih where conflict over water was rife.  Not […]

Dover detention centre due to close

It was announced on 15 October that the Home Office was decommissioning Dover detention centre. Samphire will focus on its work with people released from detention and its work in the community. The news came like so many Home Office immigration decisions: suddenly and with no reasons. Only this decision was not the decision to split a father […]