Music changes the life of refugees and asylum seekers

The Dovetail Orchestra uses music to change the lives of refugees and asylum seekers and model a new approach to supporting them.  In July 2023 the orchestra was awarded a grant by The Edith M Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust to continue past the pilot phase, grow membership and implement project developments. Refugee and asylum-seeking members […]

Let the people of Congo (DRC) benefit from their mineral wealth

Conflict Minerals Campaign is a Quaker Recognised Body of Britain Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), with the aim of ensuring that minerals from DRC that we benefit from in the UK should also benefit the people of the DRC.  CMC works through education, organising meetings bringing different groups together in DRC, […]

Peace Education Training in Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement

Amala’s Peace Education Training Project began in April 2022 in Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement in Kenya, following the receipt of a grant from The Edith M Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust in February 2022. The project aimed to reach 50 young refugees through peace education training, and Amala advertised the opportunity widely within the refugee community in […]

Lorna Young Foundation’s Farmers’ Voice Radio Project

The Lorna Young Foundation (LYF) received a grant from The Edith M Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust in June 2022 to assist them in training ten East African organisations, through the Farmers’ Voice Radio (FVR) Academy, to develop high impact participatory radio programmes that empower smallholder coffee, tea and cocoa farmers to adapt to and mitigate […]

City of Sanctuary Sheffield – Creating a Culture of Welcome

City of Sanctuary Sheffield received a grant from The Edith M Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust in February 2022 to enable them to extend their work building sanctuary for forced migrants through innovative architectural design.  This funding allowed the organisation to work alongside experts in the field of social architecture to take a critical look at […]

Peace Education Training in Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement

Amala Education received a grant from the Edith M Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust in February 2022 to support the running of a six month peace education project to train 50 youth refugee peacebuilders in the Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement in Kenya between April and October 2022.  Working with their local partner Kalobeyei Initiative (KI4BLI), participants learnt […]

TEMWA – Restoring forests in Malawi

In June 2022 the Edith M Ellis 1985 Charitable Trust awarded a grant to TEMWA to support their Restoring Forests project in Malawi, ensuring that their life-changing, climate-protecting work can continue.  Communities in Nkhata Bay North in northern Malawi are facing the ever-worsening effects of climate change: heavy rainfall causes soil erosion, unprecedentedly long dry-seasons affect […]

Freedom Kit Bags – making a better life

Over 17,000 women and girls in Nepal have improved health and well-being plus an understanding of menstrual health management – all thanks to their Freedom Kit Bag. Collectively that’s 2,983,500 days of dignity.  FKB’s work in action To be a Freedom Kit Bags Ambassador requires a great many things – a strong belief in what […]

Think of Something you Love – A Person, A Place, A Thing …

In June 2021 the Trust awarded a grant of £2,000 to the Quaker Arts Network to help support their Loving Earth Project’s community textile project and to produce additional materials to help people engage with the climate crisis through the project. THE LOVING EARTH PROJECT celebrates some of the wonderful things threatened by growing environmental […]

News from KITE Beekeepers, Kasese, Uganda

The mission of Bees Abroad, Uganda, is to promote locally appropriate beekeeping to enable participants to generate income to enhance their livelihoods, alleviate poverty and improve their quality of life. Our vision is to be recognised as experts in delivering practical, appropriate and sustainable beekeeping projects that enhance the livelihoods of participants, promoting ecologically favourable […]